Workforce Transformation: A Directioneering Success Story


In an era of rapid change, Directioneering demonstrated its expertise by orchestrating a comprehensive workforce transformation for a major national bank. This strategic move, affecting approximately 6,000 employees, was underpinned by Directioneering’s tailored support programs designed to navigate the complexities of career transition.

Key Takeaways

  • Directioneering partnered with a major Australian bank to support 6,000 employees through a significant workforce transformation.
  • Tailored Redeployment and Career Transition Programs were established to facilitate internal redeployment and smooth career transitions.
  • The initiatives featured personalised coaching, psychometric assessments, networking opportunities, and an Expert Advisory Panel.
  • 50 specialist coaches were trained to deliver bespoke support services, ensuring an integrated and efficient engagement process.
  • Success marked by reduced workplace relations risks and associated costs, with strong participant endorsements of the support provided.

Redeployment and Career Transition: A Dual Approach

The bank’s strategy involved a dual program system. The Redeployment Program aimed at internal redeployment, while the Career Transition Program provided an extensive suite of support for those moving on. These programs were crafted to cater specifically to the needs of professional to executive-level employees, ensuring they were not just prepared but poised for success in their future endeavours.

Personalised Support: The Directioneering Difference

Each participant had access to one-on-one coaching, advanced psychometric tools, and a wealth of resources including workshops and networking forums. This bespoke approach was made possible by 50 specialist coaches, each trained to deliver a service that wasn’t just effective but empathetic.

Streamlined and Supportive: Reducing Risks and Costs

The bank’s partnership with Directioneering streamlined engagement processes, removing unnecessary handovers and creating a cohesive experience for all involved. By conducting timely health and wellbeing checks, the program not only supported its participants but significantly mitigated the bank’s workplace relations risks and financial liabilities.

Proven Expertise in Navigating Change

Directioneering’s proven expertise in guiding workforce transformations reflects our deep commitment to delivering excellence. Our ability to tailor programs to the specific needs of organisations and their employees underscores our role as a trusted partner in change management. We pride ourselves on crafting solutions that not only address immediate transition needs but also pave the way for a resilient and future-ready workforce.

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