Transforming leaders – from sales to management


A professional services business had a high flying executive that had been particularly successful in sales, however when promoted to a management position their personal style was creating difficulties with their peers.

The business was keen to keep developing this talented manager into leadership positions, however they needed to maintain a cohesive team structure.

The organisation partnered with Directioneering to engage an experienced executive coach, to help their manager gain awareness of how they were perceived by their peers.

The executive coaching intervention helped to build his insight and broaden his perspective, and develop the skills that he needed to move from a sales role to a management role.

Executive coaching helped him to realise that his leadership potential was now being measured on much broader criteria than just his ability to win business, being an effective team leader and supporting other managers to meet organisational goals were now just as important.

He was able to use the skills that he developed through executive coaching to focus on creating successful working relationships with his peers and the executive, and has now been promoted further within the business to a leadership role.

By engaging an experienced executive coach, this business developed and retained their talent, by addressing their management style issues at an early stage, with a successful outcome for both the business and the individual.