Sustained Partnership in Telecommunications Transition


For over 18 years, Directioneering has been a steadfast partner to one of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies, guiding them through a number of workforce transitions, and significant restructures.

Key Takeaways:

  • For 18 years, Directioneering has provided workforce transition services to one of Australia’s top telecommunications companies.
  • In response to a large-scale restructure, Directioneering launched a multi-faceted support suite with just a month’s lead time.
  • Over nine months, 70 coaches delivered outplacement programs to 1,400 employees across Australia, including face-to-face and virtual workshops.
  • A dedicated project portal ensured secure data transfer, easy access to program information, and efficient management of resources.
  • The tailored approach allowed for clear communication and streamlined services, ensuring high-quality care and support for all impacted employees.

Responsive Solutions for Restructuring

When the company faced a massive restructuring, Directioneering’s agility was put to the test. With only a month to prepare, we established a suite of services, including workshops, psychometric instruments, and coaching. A project portal was set up for secure data management and to support the company’s career transition team with concise reporting.

Widespread Impact and Delivery

A dedicated team of 70 coaches was put in place to manage and deliver 1,400 outplacement programs and 328 workshops over a period of nine months. The programs spanned metropolitan and regional locations across Australia and even extended support to international employees.

Tailored Approach to Change Management

This tailored solution ensured efficient resource management while maintaining clear communication between our project team and the client’s leadership, providing impacted employees with the highest quality care throughout the change process.

Excellence in Workforce Transition Services

The comprehensive approach taken by Directioneering highlights our commitment to excellence, our adaptability, our agility to scale to demand and our client care during workforce transitions. Our long-term partnership with the telecommunications company showcases our expertise in managing large-scale restructuring processes with precision and empathy.

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