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Transition to Retirement

Retirement is one of life’s major transitions. Our tailored support can help your employees plan their retirement and develop strategies to make the most of all that life offers after full-time employment.

“The Directioneering Service really helped me figure out what was important to me and how to identify opportunities post retirement. It also helped me find the right balance of time for myself and family to enjoy my retirement and life after a corporate career.”

Retirement today offers more opportunities than ever. The range of possibilities is almost endless, from phased retirement to part-time work, directorships, a portfolio of paid and pro bono work, more time with family and friends, new learning and recreational pursuits and travel.

We work together with senior executives to realistically design tailored strategies for making the most of their retirement, focusing on what’s important to them.

Our approach involves:

• assessing intellectual and emotional assets
• providing life-partners with support for changed relationships with families and associates
• providing asset planning assessment that goes beyond superannuation and taxation considerations
• appraising opportunities for post-career employment or pro bono work if desired
• supporting key executive succession plans and exit strategies.

Our retirement program has supported Australia’s most experienced executives transition to fulfilling lives post full-time employment.

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