Putting Mental Health in the Spotlight


Did you know over 45% of Australians are likely to experience a mental health condition at some point in their life, but only 12% will reach out for professional support?

The need to raise awareness about mental health has never been greater. Within the context of the work we do supporting employees in career transition, we are only too aware of the specific challenges that individuals face when dealing with job loss.

Responding to the Challenge

To mark both R U OK? Day and World Mental Health Month this October, we recently ran a series of workshops to deepen our coaches’ skill and expertise in recognising and responding to mental distress. Having supported over 3,500 people through career transition since the start of the pandemic, a key focus of the workshops was looking at the key role of coaching in helping individuals move from a state of “surviving” to one of “thriving”.

Supporting Organisations

This builds on the work we’ve been doing with organisations to support their employee wellness strategies with workshops and coaching in wellbeing and resilience. We use our CALM Model™ approach to help employees foster greater self-care, learn how to harness productive worry, and move towards sustainable contentment. To learn more about how we’re helping organisations in this space contact us today.