Victoria Pollock

Head of Business Information



Victoria has over 20 years’ experience delivering business information for professional services firms, particularly at Boston Consulting Group and PA Consulting. Her expertise is in uncovering company opportunities and industry challenges. She supports people with her deep knowledge of information resources and helps to place data in broader business context.

“Excellent research isn’t just collecting facts, it’s locating targeted information to gain advantage.”

Over the last 10 years, Victoria has developed extensive resources about how LinkedIn works. She works with people to develop their profiles and teaches them how to use LinkedIn proactively. She also advises on posting strategies and how to create content for personal brand.

More recently, Victoria has designed monthly briefings both on the job market and the future of work. She revises these briefings regularly to keep in line with changing economic conditions and employer needs.

Industry Expertise

Management consulting


Graduate Diploma Information Management, RMIT University
Bachelor of Arts (Hons), University of Melbourne

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