Scott Fraser

Director Executive Services



Scott joined Directioneering in 2009 with a strong background in the finance sector. He now works with senior executives facing periods of significant professional change to position them for a successful future. With more than 20 years’ experience with the leading banks, Scott has deep knowledge of a range of industries, and provides his candidates with insightful and pragmatic advice as they consider their next steps.

Scott’s strength lies in building strong strategies for each individual as they approach the job market, retirement, portfolio career or start-up business, tailoring his approach to match the goals of the candidate. Scott’s extensive business network allows him to identify opportunities for meaningful connections in some of Australia’s most desirable organisations. Building on strengths and preferences, Scott coaches individuals to find what gives them the most satisfaction and will provide ongoing and sustained success.

Scott’s practical approach is highly valued by candidates formulating their next move. Prior to banking, Scott was with leading sharebroking firms Randalls and BNZ Norths.

Industry Expertise

Financial Services

Member of the CEO Circle


Bachelor of Economics, La Trobe University
Company Directors Course, Australian Institute of Company Directors

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