Lee Sunlay

Neurodiversity Consultant



Lee is an experienced career practitioner, facilitator, and program manager with over 15 years’ experience in successfully assisting others to identify career pathways, achieve career goals and fulfil their potential. Having worked across and managed government employment services and private career programs in both Australia and the UK, Lee has had the opportunity to provide career focused services to hundreds of clients including graduates, people in the mid-stages of their careers, professional athletes, disadvantaged job seekers and individuals with disabilities.

“Neurodiverse individuals can often struggle to demonstrate their unique talents to employers and I really love helping them to demonstrate their value.”

Coaching Expertise
Lee oversees our career coaching services tailored specifically for neurodiverse clients. Her work in this area focuses on identifying a clients individual strengths and preferences, and supports them to understand how they can channel these strengths into a meaningful career pathway and to identify specific career goals.

Industry Expertise

Employment Services

Career Development Association of Australia


Bachelor of Commerce. University of Wollongong
Graduate Certificate Career Development.
Swinburne University of Technology

Psychometric Tools
Birkman Method™
Career Decision Maker
Self Directed Search
DISC Profiling

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