Navigating Change with Precision and Care


When our client merged with a major competitor, the integration process necessitated a thoughtful approach to resource and role streamlining, directly affecting over 160 employees. With a clear focus on retaining talent and expertise, Directioneering was called upon to provide expertise to ensure a smooth transition with a focus on talent retention.

Key Takeaways:

  • Directioneering facilitated a change project for a client who had acquired a major competitor, impacting over 160 employees.
  • A focus on talent retention centred around a custom built redeployment service, supplemented by a career transition service for those seeking external opportunities.
  • Support services included redeployment coaching, professional and executive transition programs, and group workshops.
  • The project spanned multiple Australian cities and included global support through partners in Canada.
  • Key successes included rapid response times, seamless management, and highly valued outcomes by stakeholders.

A Structured Approach to Redeployment

Within a critical two-week period, a national redeployment program was initiated that provide support to employees exploring alternative roles within the organisation, with a safety net of a career transition program for those who didn’t secure redeployment or opted out of redeployment. The program’s reach extended beyond Australia to Canada, demonstrating Directioneering’s global capabilities.

Comprehensive Support Across the Board

Across Australia, impacted employees received unparalleled support, including redeployment coaching and specialised career transition programs. Workshops tailored for professionals, managers, and executives ensured all levels of the workforce were catered to effectively.

Efficient Timelines, Exceptional Outcomes

Our commitment to rapid response times and tight project management enabled us to meet specific service delivery timeframes, earning us commendations for responsiveness and communication from both the client and their employees.

A Testament to Effective Change Management

The project’s success was a testament to Directioneering’s methodical approach to managing change. The seamless transition experience provided to employees, enabled them to quickly adapt to the changes they faced and ensure they had all the tools they needed for the redeployment process and the support they needed for those who were unsuccessful through redeployment or who opted our of redeployment. Our approach stands as a clear indicator of our commitment to supporting our clients and there employees through every phase of organisational evolution.

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