Engaging employees with career development workshops


An Australian business wanted to support their employees and increase their level of engagement in planning and developing their careers, as well as improve employee retention.

The business wanted to provide additional options for career development and planning for their employees and enhance engagement, so that their employees could explore the full variety of career options within the organisation. Enhancing staff retention was also a key driver.

The business partnered with Directioneering to develop a tailored career development program, focusing on personal branding for their employees.

We provided a series of career development workshops across three states for both managers and employees, aligned with the organisation’s personal development plan process, so that development options for employees could be included.

These workshops focused on enhancing employees skills so that they could have meaningful career conversations and effectively use career development tools. Focusing on an array of career exploration tools designed to build self-awareness, employees were encouraged to focus on their personal brand.

By demonstrating the variety of career paths available in the organisation, employees were able to develop career plans with mutually beneficial outcomes for both the individual and the organisation. Comments from participants included:

  • “Great to know our organisation supports us and is encouraging us to invest in ourselves.”
  • “The pace of the workshop was brilliant. Happily surprised by the content and relevance!”