Editorial: Navigating the New Work Landscape


After two pandemic years, there is no denying the affect on people and industry is palpable. But, it’s not all bad. In a recent interview with the Australian Financial Review, Jannine Fraser, Group CEO, Directioneering was happy to share our insights from a People Solutions perspective.  

Two years into a global pandemic that marked a seismic shift in the world of work, organisations and their employees are still grappling with how it will reshape the job market.
Whether people return to the office remains to be seen, but one thing is clear; Australian professionals are re-evaluating traditional career models

The Productivity Commission found in 2021 that the percentage of Australians working from home jumped from 4 to 40 per cent in two years. It also said that workers would put a premium on remote-working arrangements when looking for new jobs.

“It highlights the importance of ongoing experimentation and variety, with different firms trying out different models,” Commission chair Michael Brennan said last year.
“It emphasises continued learning, as firms and workers get better at managing remote work and finding the right balance.

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