Workforce Transformation: A Directioneering Success Story

In an era of rapid change, Directioneering demonstrated its expertise by orchestrating a comprehensive workforce transformation for a major national bank. This strategic move, affecting approximately 6,000 employees, was underpinned by Directioneering’s tailored support programs designed to navigate the complexities of career transition. Key Takeaways Redeployment and Career Transition: A Dual Approach The bank’s strategy […]

Navigating Change with Precision and Care

When our client merged with a major competitor, the integration process necessitated a thoughtful approach to resource and role streamlining, directly affecting over 160 employees. With a clear focus on retaining talent and expertise, Directioneering was called upon to provide expertise to ensure a smooth transition with a focus on talent retention. Key Takeaways: A […]

A Partnership of Transition and Support

Directioneering has forged a strong alliance with this international food and beverage manufacturer, providing specialised support across a broad employee demographic. This collaboration was crucial during the strategic restructure of a business subsidiary that impacted over 180 employees. Key Takeaways: Responsive Support During Times of Change As our client considered the future of the subsidiary […]

A Decade of Dedicated Support to a Leading Australian University 

For more than ten years, Directioneering has been the sole career management partner for this leading Australian university. The Higher Education Sector is continuing to evolve and Directioneering’s expertise has supported and guided the careers of academic and support staff through these periods of substantial change.  Key Takeaways: Strategic Support for Business Improvement and Pandemic Response […]

Sustained Partnership in Telecommunications Transition

For over 18 years, Directioneering has been a steadfast partner to one of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies, guiding them through a number of workforce transitions, and significant restructures. Key Takeaways: Responsive Solutions for Restructuring When the company faced a massive restructuring, Directioneering’s agility was put to the test. With only a month to prepare, we […]

Five questions to ask when choosing an outplacement provider

Leading organisations realise that providing outplacement services shows respect to their former employees, improves retention and engagement with those who remain, and protects their employer brand. I have yet to meet a decision maker who is not concerned with how business decisions such as mergers, acquisitions and change projects affect their people, making outplacement programs even more valuable. More and more, the conversations about outplacement are centred on evaluating an appropriate provider.

A Counter-Intuitive Way to Prepare Your Employees for the Workplace of Tomorrow

Attitudes towards investing in people are gradually starting to change. As technology transforms the future workplace and the employee base starts to reflect an ageing population, companies are starting to realise that they need to give their people the skills to manage their future career as well as the narrow scope of their current role. […]

Managing Stress Over the Holiday Season

No one wants to let stress take its toll on the holiday period. Drawing on the World renowned experts The Mayo Clinic and closer to home strategies devised by the University of NSW, here are some helpful tips we can all take onboard to ensure we enjoy the holiday season rather than endure it.

Putting Mental Health in the Spotlight

Did you know over 45% of Australians are likely to experience a mental health condition at some point in their life, but only 12% will reach out for professional support?

Editorial: Navigating the New Work Landscape

After two pandemic years, there is no denying the affect on people and industry is palpable. But, it’s not all bad. In a recent interview with the Australian Financial Review, Jannine Fraser, Group CEO, Directioneering was happy to share our insights from a People Solutions perspective.