A Partnership of Transition and Support


Directioneering has forged a strong alliance with this international food and beverage manufacturer, providing specialised support across a broad employee demographic. This collaboration was crucial during the strategic restructure of a business subsidiary that impacted over 180 employees.

Key Takeaways:

  • Directioneering has been in partnership with an international food and beverage manufacturer since 2015, offering change and transition support.
  • After a strategic review of one of their subsidiaries led to a restructure affecting over 180 employees, Directioneering was called upon to provide expert guidance and support.
  • Tailored support for the restructure included on-site coaching, career and job skills workshops, and emotional and financial counselling.
  • Close collaboration with local recruiters and government networks provided employees with access to job opportunities.
  • Post-restructure, Directioneering continued to support our client and the new owners, resulting in an 84 net promoter score.

Responsive Support During Times of Change

As our client considered the future of the subsidiary business, Directioneering was there to offer high-touch support to all employees. Our comprehensive program included post-notification coaching, workshops on career and job skills, and emotional and financial counselling by experienced career coaches.

Engagement with Local Job Markets

Recognizing the importance of community and the position of the organisation within the community, we worked with local recruiters and government employment networks to ensure that the subsidiary’s employees had the best access to new opportunities. As redeployment and employment options emerged, our coaches were there to help individuals assess and match their interests and skills with potential roles.

Continued Commitment Post-Restructure

Following the sale of the subsidiary, Directioneering’s commitment did not waver. We continued to provide change and career transition support to both our client and the new owners. This enduring partnership and our impactful support are evidenced by the high satisfaction rate among employees.

Proactive Care and Positive Outcomes

Directioneering’s partnership with our client showcases proactive care and support during organisational change, leading to positive outcomes for all parties involved. Our focus on individual needs and local employment opportunities underscores our dedication to successful transitions.

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