A Decade of Dedicated Support to a Leading Australian University 


For more than ten years, Directioneering has been the sole career management partner for this leading Australian university. The Higher Education Sector is continuing to evolve and Directioneering’s expertise has supported and guided the careers of academic and support staff through these periods of substantial change. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Directioneering has been the exclusive provider of career management and transition services to a leading Australian university for over a decade.
  • Supported 800 individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Services include career readiness workshops, redeployment, career transition support, and job skills workshops.
  • Dedicated project management and streamlined processes enhanced HR and Workplace Relations teams’ efficiency.
  • Praise from Senior HR Manager at the University highlights Directioneering’s significant impact during times of change.

Strategic Support for Business Improvement and Pandemic Response

When the pandemic hit in 2020, our services evolved to support 800 staff, with redeployment coaching and career transition support, reflecting our adaptability and commitment to each individual’s future.

Holistic Approach to Career Transitioning

Our comprehensive suite of services, tailored to meet the diverse needs of professionals, executives, and academics, encompassed everything from career coaching to retirement planning. This holistic approach was instrumental in navigating the COVID-19 driven changes, ensuring a smooth transition for many.

Efficient Processes, Recognized Impact

A dedicated project manager and a simplified engagement process meant we could swiftly adapt to the university’s needs, reducing the complexity for the Workplace Relations and HR teams. Our efforts were recognised by the university’s Senior HR Manager, who commended the exceptional service provided during challenging times.

A Commitment to Continuous Support

As a long-standing partner of the university, Directioneering’s impact is evident in the testimonies of those we’ve supported and the continuous improvement of our services. We remain dedicated to fostering career growth and resilience through change.

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